A Message from Oregon Medical Group

March 19, 2021

In the wake of the tragic events in Atlanta, a statement of solidarity from the Oregon Medical Group People Committee and Executive Leadership Team...

Acts of violence against people of color are not a new phenomenon in the United States. The murders in Atlanta this week, which targeted women of Asian descent, punctuates a significant increase in hate and racist acts against people in Asian American and Pacific Islander communities. These acts have become more brazen, more violent and more frequent. 

Oregon Medical Group condemns racism, active and passive. As a group and individually, we are committed to caring for ALL people. We are honored to devote our lives to this work. Honoring and sustaining people of all colors, and of all backgrounds, is central to our daily work. 

We know there is more to do and that we must be active participants in change. We are actively examining our systems, culture, and how we consider and relate to every patient and to each other, in order to transform statements of good intent to actions that yield meaningful change.

At this moment, in the aftermath of the deadly attack on Asian Americans, it is important that our Asian American and Pacific Islander patients, employees and community members know that we stand in solidarity and will not tolerate acts of hatred, racism or violence. We call on our community to join us in caring for each other not despite our differences, but because of our differences. We are stronger together and each person plays a part in building a healthy and safe community.