Foot and Ankle

The physicians at Oregon Medical Group specialize in the care of the foot and ankle. Common concerns include total ankle replacement, treatment of fractures, chilles tendon repair, assessment of other injuries and consultations for podiatric care. Patients with diabetes often rely on a podiatrist, and in those cases, OMG’s unique team approach makes collaboration between physicians and patients easy and productive. 

Our team of physicians have completed advanced and specialized study in all aspects of foot and ankle care. Education includes four years of podiatric medical school and at least one year in a surgical residency program. Our podiatrists boast years of experience and OMG has one of only a handful of podiatric surgeons that have completed a one year fellowship in advanced foot and ankle reconstruction.

A visit to a podiatrist is typically covered by insurance, but some providers may require a referral from a primary care provider. If you are an OMG patient, we can simplify the referral process. In any case, we can help you identify your insurance company’s requirements, or you can call them first. Always check with insurance before committing to an appointment; no one likes insurance surprises.

Our foot and ankle clinic is located in the same building as our Imaging Department, for cases requiring X-ray, CT, Ultrasound or MRI. 

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We are not accepting walk-ins at all OMG clinics.

All lab visits require an appointment.

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