Patient Resources

The primary care providers and specialists at Oregon Medical Group are devoted to providing Eugene and Springfield patients with exceptional medical care and compassionate support. Sometimes the most challenging portion of a medical visit can be the preparations and paperwork involved. We strive to make this as predictable and easy as possible.

Choosing a Physician

Finding a physician who fits you, your family and your health needs is easy – with a little help. One place to start is by asking people you know for suggestions, and if they are happy with their physician.

You can also call our New Patient Representative Line at 541-242-4444. Our hours are Monday through Friday from 7:30 am to 4:30 pm. Prefer to email? That works too: Our job is to connect new patients with the right doctor. With dozens of primary care physicians and specialists at OMG, it can be helpful to describe your wishes and preferences with someone who knows the physicians and clinics; our team of new patient representatives have collectively worked at Oregon Medical Group for over 50 years and they are familiar with every physician and clinic. Please note that when you call we'll ask a lot of questions about you and your family. We are not trying to be nosy, we are just trying to determine which doctor would be the best match for you and your needs. Your representative can even register you and schedule your first appointment in one call, saving you time and hassle.

Privacy Information

We understand that medical information about you and your health is personal and should be confidential. The physicians and staff of Oregon Medical Group are committed to protecting medical information about you. Click here for details and to review our privacy notice. This notice applies to the information and records we have about your health, health status, and the health care and service you receive at this office.

Health Information

Oregon Medical Group is committed to protecting your health information and requires a specific form completed in order to release it to you. Please download the Authorization to Use / Disclose Health Information form and return it to the front desk at any OMG clinic. Completed forms can also be faxed to us at 541-242-4363 or mailed to:

Oregon Medical Group
Attn: Release of Information Dept. 
P.O. Box 1648
Eugene, OR 97440

OMG Authorization to Use/Disclose Health Information Form

Patient Forms

Patient Financial Agreement New Patient Medical History Form Pediatric Medical History Form

Notice of Privacy Practices Alternate Contact Information Acknowledgement of Privacy Practices

COVID-19 and Telehealth Resources

Doxy Telehealth Information How to check-in for your first telehealth visit Symptom Comparison Chart

Before, During and After Your Visit

Whether your visit is a first, with a doctor that is new to you, or if you have been seeing the same physician at the same clinic for years, here are some useful guidelines that will help make your time with OMG relaxing and satisfying.

  • Make a note of your symptoms, the order in which they appeared, and anything that makes them better or worse. Also note the results of any home testing, such as your temperature.

    • Bring a list of any medicines you take, including prescriptions, over-the-counterdrugs, herbal products and vitamins.
    • Have a list of any allergies, especially concerning medicine or food.
    • Know your family and personal medical history, which includes surgeries, serious illnesses, etc. (family is defined as mother, father, siblings and grandparents).
    • Think about your eating and drinking habits, how well and much you sleep or exercise, etc.
    • Find out if you are expected to see or call the doctor again.
    • Be sure you understand the possible side effects of any medicines the doctor prescribes.
    • Make a note of any other health concerns that you might want to talk to the doctor about.
    • Have a clear idea of what you would like the doctor to do for you.

  • Be sure to bring the following with you when you visit one of our clinics:

    • Your insurance card and photo identification.
    • Small, quiet toys for children who accompany you.
    • During Your Visit
    • Your physician will prompt you for the following information, but knowing what to expect, and common questions you should ask, is helpful:
    • Tell the doctor about the items you listed during your preparations.
    • Ask what he/she thinks the diagnosis or problem might be.
    • Ask what tests, if any, are needed.
    • Be sure you understand what you need to do to treat the problem, and how you can prevent it from occurring again.

  • Recovery is very much about what happens after your appointment. Here are some reminders:

    • Call the doctors office if you don't understand any of the instructions.
    • Tell your doctor if you feel worse, have other problems or side effects from any medicines.
    • If you have an appointment for a return visit, keep the appointment – even if you feel better.


You may now cancel your appointment via email. You may cancel up to four hours prior to your appointment by sending an email to: We will send you a confirmation via email that your appointment has been cancelled. Please include:
  • Your first and last name

  • Your date of birth

  • Your telephone number

  • The date and time of your appointment

  • Who your appointment is scheduled with

  • If you would like us to call you to reschedule your appointment