OMG Stands With You

June 5, 2020

Oregon Medical Group condemns racism and commits to work collaboratively toward eliminating disparities in health and barriers to access to care.

We affirm that Black Lives Matter.

We acknowledge the disproportionate injustice and prejudice that
black and brown-skinned people experience nationally and locally.

We acknowledge the fact that we live in a world full of bias and prejudice
and none of us is immune to that.

We apologize for the harm inflicted and for not doing enough
to help right the wrongs of the past and present.

We pledge to do better for our patients and community, to use our resources
and our privilege for positive change.

We reject the politics of window dressing and empty gestures.
We seek fundamental, systemic change, acknowledging we have much
to learn and work to do.

We recognize that our good intentions must translate into action.
We must open our eyes, learn more and educate ourselves.

We believe that Oregon Medical Group and the health care system at large have an important role to
play in creating a more just society.

We ask to be held accountable as we hold ourselves accountable.

To pursue meaningful change, we will develop and implement a plan
consistent with our mission, vision and values to do our part
to break the cycle of racism and achieve our stated vision:
Together, we help you live your healthiest life.