OMG Clinic Updates

September 11, 2020

Our hearts are with everyone who has been displaced and is suffering because of the fire. We are grateful for the many volunteers and for the crews who are fighting the fire. 

Here are a few notes specific to Oregon Medical Group:

  • Our Mohawk clinic is closed today for in-person appointments. All appointments will be rescheduled to telehealth or at a future date.

  • All other clinics are open today.

  • Despite our best efforts, the smoke has infiltrated the interior of all Oregon Medical Group clinics. They are opening, but we ask that you use your best judgment regarding your health and if you  prefer to reschedule, please do.

  • You can reschedule by calling your clinic or by visiting our website at and selecting "Scheduling Questions" from the drop-down menu that is labeled "Inquiry Reason”. 

  • We expect lots of phone calls today. We thank you for your patience.

Please safe out there.